I appeared on the BBC programme, Show Me the Monet in June 2012 where my work was seleted by a panel of judges to be exhibited at the Mall Galleries in London.


I am a self-taught artist.


Instead of fulfilling my dream of studying art, I found life events carrying me towards graduation in Economics.


My paintings stem from simple, emotional responses - uncomplicated, yet for me they represent a personally significant moment cropped from the specific time and place and captured on my canvas.


My pen and ink drawings have a very different emotional process. They are created with an underlying spiritual energy - I have a fascination with the repetitive components of Islamic art. I use repetitive straight lines ('lakeers') to build up my drawings.


I am a member of the Weybridge Society of Art.




I regularly exhibit at the Weybridge Society of Art's Autumn and Spring exhibitions.


One of my pen and ink works was recently selected for an exhibition at the Mall Galleries, London.


Also, a recent oil portrait was selected through the Surrey Open Art Competition and exhibited at the Lightbox Gallery, Surrey.